Shingles Vaccine

Shingles Vaccine

People 60 years of age or older should get shingles vaccine. They should get the vaccine whether or not they recall having had chickenpox, which is caused by the same virus as shingles.  This is now available in Harbour Health only by prior arrangement. This is currently not available free to medical card patients. For further details please contact the practice.




The Flu vaccine is now available in Harbour Health for everyone over 65 years and people of all ages in the risk groups including those with certain chronic diseases including Diabetes and Asthma, in pregnancy and those with obesity. For a full list of who should be vaccinated please check the HSE website.

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The vaccine is free for all medical card patients over 65 or in the risk groups. There is an administration fee of 25 euro for private patients  in the risk groups who attend a flu vaccination clinic. For those not in the risk group whether medical card or private the charge is 35 euro

So, You’re Thinking of Becoming Pregnant?

So, You’re Thinking of Becoming Pregnant?

We at Harbour Health aim to help every woman who is considering pregnancy  to become as ‘Pregnancy Fit’ as possible prior to conceiving. We have introduced a Pre-Pregnancy Care package of 3 consultations. The aim of this care package is to identify any risk factors in you or your partner’s  history which may affect a future healthy pregnancy. We hope to apply interventions which may help to reduce the impact of those risk factors.

In the first consultation we identify any risk factors which could affect your future pregnancy. In the second consultation we do blood tests which will help establish your current health.  The third stage is for feedback on the investigations and to discuss health promotion and educational advice.

The cost of the 3 consultations:

Stage 1: €80 , Stage 2: €40* this includes our baseline investigations. Further investigations and their costs will be discussed as required.  Stage 3: €65  Please tell our reception staff which stage you are at when booking your appointment to ensure you are given enough time.

Over 70's Medical Cards

The practice is delighted that our patients, aged 70 years or above, are now entitled to either a full Medical Card or a Doctor Visit Card under the state General Medical Services (GMS) scheme.

The quickest way to register is to do so online here.

If you are unable to register online, please do not telephone the surgery but e-mail us at

Under 6 Contract

GP Visit Card Under 6's

GP Visit Card Under 6's

Harbour Health are now accepting under 6 children who are living in the area on the new contract. Dr Madeleine McCarthy is the contract holder but you can see any of the doctors, including Dr Kamila Torris and Dr Edwina Buckley.  You can register your children at choosing the Harbour Health option for doctor. 

Under 12 Sick Children’s Clinic

Harbour Health has introduced a new Under 12 Sick Children’s Clinic. This is for children who are sick with a possible infection (eg fever, sore throat, sore ear, cough, kidney infection, tummy upset) and need to be seen as early as possible that day.

Your child will be seen by one of our Paediatric trained doctors. The charge for this special clinic will be €50 (but is free for under six children if they have the new GP Visit card) and the clinic is on between 10 and 11 am and between 3 and 4pm each day by appointment. As this is a clinic for sick children it will only be possible to deal with the urgent issue. 

Medical Card Patients

With the expansion in the practice we are pleased to announce that we are currently signing up new medical card patients.

Please contact our reception for more details. If you are within out area a registration appointment will be arranged.