Standard & Special Service

Phone any time and request an appointment if you are unwell or need review of an existing condition. For everything else (e.g. blood test, immunisation, smear, ante-natal, well person medical...) please tell our admin staff. They will then ensure that you are booked with the correct healthcare professional for the right length of time.


For life-threatening emergencies dial 999 or 112 for an ambulance.

If your problem is urgent but not life-threatening, please phone us and explain the situation to whichever receptionist takes your call. They will inform one of the doctors that your case is urgent and you will be fitted in, even when we are fully booked, for emergency care.

If you think you may need to go to a hospital Emergency Department following minor accident or injury you can choose to first come to us for assessment. We will either sort out the problem or give you a referral letter which will save you time and money during your visit to the hospital.

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Appointment Fees