With increasing life expectancy for women, we can expect women to live almost as long after the menopause (the permanent cessation of periods) as before it. While it has become the exception rather than the rule for women to take HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy, the problems of the menopause have not gone away. Unfortunately women are now more likely to suffer in silence rather than come for help with those problems as they believe nothing can be done.

The problems which arise include hot flushes, mood changes, joint pains, incontinence, painful sex caused by vaginal atrophy and memory changes to mention a few. Also Osteoporosis starts to become an issue for some women. After the menopause there is a change in women's metabolism causing their cholesterol to rise and therefore causing an increase in cardiovascular disease making heart attacks and stroke more of a possibility. Don't suffer in silence. Sometimes HRT may be the answer for you and there are other treatments and lifestyle changes which can help, 

Dr McCarthy has started a Menopause Clinic which involves an initial thirty minute consultation and allows an in depth assessment of your particular situation and appropriate management will be suggested. Please request a Menopause Clinic appointment when requesting the appointment as otherwise you will be given a standard appointment.


A significant number of women develop urinary incontinence after the menopause. Women often hide this for years during which time treatment is more than possible. If this is a problem for you please make an appointment with one of the doctors. It is never too late to get help.

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