We at Harbour Health aim to help every woman who is considering pregnancy  to become as ‘Pregnancy Fit’ as possible prior to conceiving. We have introduced a Pre-Pregnancy Care package of 3 consultations. The aim of this care package is to identify any risk factors in you or your partner’s  history which may affect a future healthy pregnancy. We hope to apply interventions which may help to reduce the impact of those risk factors.

In the first consultation we identify any risk factors which could affect your future pregnancy. In the second consultation we do blood tests which will help establish your current health.  The third stage is for feedback on the investigations and to discuss health promotion and educational advice.

The cost of the 3 consultations:

Stage 1: €80 , Stage 2: €40* this includes our baseline investigations. Further investigations and their costs will be discussed as required.  Stage 3: €65  Please tell our reception staff which stage you are at when booking your appointment to ensure you are given enough time.